"The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life."


1. Postponed getting married
2. Got a roommate to share expenses
3. Picked a different career path
4. Setback in starting a family
5. Worked an additional job to meet monthly payments
6. Change of plans in buying a car
7. Had to live with parents or a family member
8. Put off buying a house
9. Delayed saving for retirement or other financial goals
10. Cut back on living expenses
11. Led to bad credit

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New York

The Bachelor's Degree Payment Plan highlights a growing economic disparity in the United States and the widening gap in educational achievement. Wealthier families can afford expensive private schools or homes in wealthy public districts that provide superior educational resources. As a result, affluent children perform better in elementary and high school and are more likely to be admitted into prestigious colleges and universities. In contrast, students from low-income families face more significant economic challenges and limited access to educational opportunities, leading to a reduced chance of achieving the American Dream.

To promote economic prosperity and increase the productivity of American society, we need to prepare every student, regardless of their financial background, to be a valuable member of society. Our payment plan in the Educational Plan Programs offers a debt-free option for students to pursue a bachelor's degree from universities worldwide. With PSALTER 46, you can close the achievement gap and ensure your child receives an excellent education.

On average, 78.1% of the Bachelor's Degrees awarded in 2015 went to individuals aged 22, and 73% of that group came from wealthier homes. To address this disparity, we need to create new private programs catering to low-income students and offering them an equal opportunity to succeed. Our goal is to help these students achieve their dreams without the burden of loan repayments. In 2015, students from families with less than $35,000.00 had the lowest percentage rate of attending college and receiving a degree. We need to do more to ensure every student has access to quality education and the opportunity to achieve their goals.

PSALTER 46 provides payment plans to investors, which allow them to pay for larger purchases through smaller payments. Our goal is to provide convenient investment opportunities to our clients and save them money upfront. We understand that payment plans can be attractive for many investors, as they can meet specific requirements, earn more investments, and even improve their livelihoods or change their family's lifestyle. Additionally, payment plans can be an excellent way for investors to give back to their community and spread the word about the benefits of the Next Generation of Investments.

However, it's important to note that payment plans may only be suitable for some investment institutions and could have negative consequences. If an investor must have a credit card or a lump sum of cash to pay for their installments, they may have to abandon their purchase or look for it elsewhere. At PSALTER 46, we provide installment payments that you can use to purchase whatever you like while receiving the benefits and advantages of being an esteemed client.

We offer a bachelor's degree program that provides a degree and private elite pre-school through high school program payment plans before college and can be linked to college if you choose. If you're a parent who seeks private education that would be best for your child, these programs are perfect for you. Our comprehensive education programs will provide everything your child needs in learning, leading to your comfort that is debt-free.

Payment plans enable investors to pay for a purchase over time through low monthly payments to meet their educational needs. Once the total costs are paid, the client will have no future educational burdens concerning the chosen plan. However, an additional waiting period is 36 months before account maturity. The client receives a flat rate of 7% on their IPR starting in the second year from the first year admission fees. These plans are often necessary for expensive admissions in private schools. PSALTER 46 college tuition payment plans help families pay tuition bills for four or more years in a lump sum for yearly admission fees over time instead of all at once. Generally, monthly payments must be completed 36 months before college entrance. Schools set a policy for when tuition and fees are due. We pay the due cost in a lump sum from your ITR account balance for the academic year yearly until the student graduates. This payment plan is non-transferable only if the student died for whom the benefactor would be the Primary Beneficiary.

The education gap between different classes is growing, especially for minorities in the US who face financial obstacles when trying to get a college degree. Due to federal policies that stress student loans, low-income people need help to get loans. This has led to state governments' reluctance to help those less privileged. On top of this, tuition fees have risen faster than inflation, making higher education unaffordable for many. Poor students often leave college due to insufficient funds, and those who remain struggle to make ends meet by working part-time, living in substandard housing, and eating cheaply. Some take out jumbo loans that they know they will struggle to repay for many years after graduation.

At PSALTER 46, we understand that many government programs fall short, leaving those who need help with limited options. We offer the Bachelor's Degree Payment Plan (BDPP), which helps those without the income to get a higher education. This plan involves monthly payments of $270.00 for 24 months, which adds up to an IO of $6,480.00. After this initial period, the account balance is automatically switched to the BDPP into a new account for 60 months. Once the contract matures, you will receive an account ITR balance of $304,000.00. If you're interested, click here to invest.

We understand that the cost of education is rising, and projected market inflation rates are a concern. That's why we offer annual payments to the school at $74,380.00 for four years. Completing a bachelor's degree requires a monthly payment of $4,958.66 on your account as the benefactor in BDPP. This program's total time is seven years, so the students' school grades should be considered. Your funds are withheld until the official admission date to the institution. You will receive a flat 7% fixed return interest rate yearly before the school's start-up. Any leftover finances from your account will be rolled over into a retirement account of your choice, as stipulated in the Articles of Agreements in the COA.

If your college payments exceed your annual compensation, we can adjust it from your ITR balance to accommodate the fees. However, for any funds that are over the ITR balance, you will be responsible. Your student package includes the following each year: tuition fees, textbooks, room and board, dental plan, medical healthcare coverage, and life insurance for any unforeseen circumstances. All of these benefits come at no additional cost. Additionally, we offer a High-Grade Point Average Program (HGPAP). This program aims to improve your academic grades to help you meet the entrance requirements of your desired college. We sponsor the students in the HGPAP syllabuses free of charge. Colleges consider grading, GPA scores, teacher evaluations, letters of recommendation, application essay writing, and participation in school committees. Some institutions may vary.

The grading policies and lessons taken in high school regulate your GPA. They will affect your application process and the school you desire. Many colleges set a 3.0 as a model for freshman and admission transfers. However, they can consider students with lower GPAs. A minimum of 15 college-preparatory courses and at least 11 finished before the beginning of the senior year of high school to meet the examination requirements by taking the ACT, writing, or the SAT Reasoning Test by senior year. Some colleges do not require SAT Subject Tests. Still, individual programs on some campuses recommend them, and you can use subject tests to satisfy college-listed requirements.

Student debt predicaments. There has been an escalating number of people turning to financial aid programs more than usual. It is because of the expense of skyrocketing education rates. Taking into account a four (4) year college education at a state school currently with tuition, fees, textbooks, supplies, room, and board, can amount to an average of $78,000.00 at some institutions. A private university is above that twice over. 70% of college alumnus who graduates from school will most likely have debt that produces an unpleasant monetary state. In 2010, graduates who took out loans left college owing an average of more than $26,000.00. Student loan debt has now surpassed credit card debt for the first time.

51.4% of the alums's student loan debt makes monthly payments difficult. Everyone, at one time or another, failed to make a payment. Upward trends of students are becoming delinquent on their accounts. The best current estimate by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York assesses it at 11.0%. 44% who left college to start a career needed to cut back on daily living expenses. 28% of alums postponed their most important goals. 37.2% delayed saving funds for retirement. 45% of the alumnus think that the quality of their institutional lessons still needs to meet the equivalent value of what they sustain in debt. A recent survey illustrates that scores of graduates have grief over debt and education. 57.2% of millennials say they regret how much they have borrowed. Moreover, over one-third of the alumni stated they would not have gone to college if they had discerned the total expense. Student's financial debt that led to various setbacks includes:

Student loans comprise 7.3% of the United States National Debt (USND). The national debt of the United States is currently over $30 trillion. The financial obligation for education is now well over $1.71 trillion in 2021. Today's college prices will seem cheap when compared to tomorrow. Still, it is rising alarmingly and far faster than inflation. College fees have been steadily climbing. Between 2008 and 2022, the cost of tuition plus room and board for a four (4) year school (private or public) increased by nearly 10% on average. As for the state public schools, they have also recently increased tuition costs.

Today, the average tuition, fees, and room and board cost for students attending an in-state public school is over $19,548.00. Also, for out-of-state students at a public school, that cost was more than $34,000.00. For students attending a four (4) year private school, the price was nearly $44,000.00 per year. PSALTER 46 offers benefits and advantages that give you security in your academic years. We open the door that places you on the path to your career, and you make your dreams a reality! It is achievable by sustaining your financial education requirements with no financial burdens following graduation.

Take an entirely distinctive path. Traditional instructional methods for going to college bring debt. Our offers work for you if you are searching for a better way to afford college. They are clear-cut as 1, 2, 3! If you have a child who will start college in the next 3 to 7 years, you will see that we have great plans through rumination and research. Unsurprisingly, three out of four parents are concerned about having enough money to help their children pay for school. Many want to assist, although they need help with financial challenges and rising retirement concerns. We impart to you a unique path for your children to select. You are tendering them while others do not.

Competent life skills learned. College students regularly widen their analytical thinking with reasoning skills from their core curriculums. To comprehend complexities, to find solutions or explanations to mysteries, and to make life decisions. Be psychologically secure, confident, motivated, possess academic perseverance, and learn a profession or career that can contribute to society and the economy. College graduates are more likely to have children who achieve a degree. Other advantages of academic studies include improved self-discipline, study habits, dealing with stress and deadlines, teamwork, and cooperative behavior.

Account Contingency Plan Resource Insurance (ACPRI). We ensure your education account through ACPRI during your COA. It assures that your payments to the college or university will be paid on time as stipulated in the contract. Many business owners feel business insurance is an expense they cannot afford or is a luxury for more established companies. Although business insurance can be expensive, it is an expense for every professional. Regardless of the industry, size, or time, it must be included in its budget, as we do for you. We know that no one likes to have interruptions or burdens; this is why we take all available precautions from any possible event that might occur. As you know, no one wants to hear an excuse regarding their account.

Catastrophic loss. ACPRI insurance protects us from closing due to a devastating loss. Fires, floods, hurricanes, typhoons, diseases, financial, and tornadoes have ended many businesses. When a company carries insurance against these types of losses, as we do, closure and loss are only temporary instead of permanent. Each account's risk assessment is modest as we are selling food products. Throughout the animals' rearing cycle, veterinarians maintain good healthcare, farming organic vegetables and fruits. Pesticides supposedly protecting plants and crops from insects can reduce excellent health standards if not administered and processed correctly. We avoid them. We meet market demand, as our products are preset and sold to our outlets. We pass the required percentage from the BDF for your education plan onto your account.

Private Prestigious Schools. Private prestigious schools will not exceed an IO of $25,000.00 for a Bachelor's Degree and $35,000.00 for a Master's Degree on an IO. All foreign currency exchanges will be based on the Daily Rate of Exchange to the US Dollar.