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Education is the training of your mind to think critically and disseminate knowledge by verifying facts, so that you are taught correctly. If you don't verify what was taught to you—you learned nothing.


Americans are more troubled by student debt loans in 2018 than ever before. The average student debt for the Class of 2017 was $40,450.00, an increase of 6.1% from the previous year. Debt facts on Student Loans. The most recent student debt report indicates the following statistics:

                                                                                          a.) The total U.S. student loan debt is $1.7 trillion.

                                                                                          b.) Direct loans to student borrowers in loan debt of 28 million.
                                                                                          c.) Student loans that are 90 days or more delinquent or are in default 12.5%.
                                                                                          d.) Average student monthly loan payments of $400.00.
                                                                                          e.) Median monthly student loan payment of $250.00.
                                                                                          f.) FFEL loans $290.3 billion to 14 million debtors.
                                                                                          g.) Perkins loans $7.1 billion to 3 million borrowers.

                                                                                          Total: 45 million student borrowers nationwide.

                                                                                           How students' debt mounts up based on their school type.

                                                                                        h.) Seniors graduating from public and nonprofit colleges in 2018 had a student loan debt of 67%.

                                                                                         i.) Graduating from public and nonprofit colleges, the average debt was $29,300.00 in 2018, increased by 1% 
                                                                                         j.) Graduates from public colleges had loans of an average of $29,400.00.
                                                                                        k.) Graduates from private nonprofit colleges had loan debt on average of $32,300.00 at 75%.
                                                                                         l.) Graduates from profit colleges had loans on debt average of $39,950.00 at 88%.
                                                                                       m.) Privately held was student debt by the previous graduating class of 2018.
                                                                                        n.) 49.29% of borrowers who attended profit colleges default within ten years.

It is compared to 13.1% of public college attendees. In addition to 14% of nonprofit college attendees.o.) Graduates who received Pell Grants were likely to borrow. Pell Grants had an average debt balance of $32,000.00 from 89% of their graduates. 54% of those who didn't receive a Pell Grant had student loan debt.

Think about your financial security. Having debt can severely threaten your financial security, preventing you from making the most of your money. What you spend on debt could be saved for essential needs like a retirement plan, healthcare, insurance, dental care, purchasing a home, or building an investment portfolio. Once you become debt-free, you can work towards becoming financially secure. Paying off debt leaves you with more money to do your desired things. Unfortunately, this is the cause of many people ending up in unfathomable debt. We can help take away your debt burden.

People in debt often cannot afford to purchase items without borrowing more money, which only adds to their debt. Paying off your debt ends this vicious cycle and frees up your money to buy what you need and enjoy. Debt can lead to extra stress as you worry about how you will cover all your account payments and living expenses. A financial burden can lead to terrible migraine headaches, mood swings, health issues, and even a heart attack, with too much debt and the inability to pay it back. In some cases, becoming debt-free can even save your life. The more bills you have, the higher your payment rate. Once debt-free, you'll have fewer monthly bills, like utilities, insurance, cell phone, food, and small miscellaneous things.

Paying for items with credit cards means that your future income will be used as collateral if your debt gets too high. So, the $2,000.00 or $100,000.00 you spend today will be taken from what you earn in the coming days because of interest on your debt. This makes it more challenging to afford housing and retirement savings later in life. If your goal is financial security in the future rather than having crushing amounts of credit card debt today (which might get discharged through bankruptcy), avoid taking out loans where possible! When you have an obligation, it is not your money; it belongs to the creditors who loaned you the funds. They decide how much interest they charge and when payment must be made. Sometimes, their decision is final—it's too late for any second thoughts! By eliminating your debts with our help, however, you can reclaim control over your finances.

Understand the tools of financial debt management. The internet has become a round-the-clock source of control. Financial services, debt services, investment services, brokers, and advisers bring monetary comforts to you without leaving your home. Electronic trading and online investing have become famous worldwide as more people explore the internet for new personal gain. However, it is vital to remember that it is just a tool. Working knowledge of essential personal debt management, excellent decision-making skills, and understanding the potential risks from one debt to another, particularly in cyberspace, is crucial. You can cancel your contract within 72 hours after receiving your digital invoice online or signing your instrument. After 72 hours, you are bound to the contract's terms and conditions of the articles of agreement. As responsible and ethical companies, we do not engage in business with prospective investors or representatives of Iran, Syria, Russia, or North Korea. No exceptions will be made to this.

Foreign exchange rates. All foreign currency exchanges will be based on the daily exchange rate of the U.S. dollar.

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Student debt is a major issue for students of all ages and backgrounds. To ease this burden on young people, we have created a new financial reward system that allows students to graduate without debt. These programs help you repay your student loans while still in school.

Student Debt Relief Plans help countries recover from debt while assisting graduates to begin their careers debt-free. They no longer have to worry about monthly payments and can build their credit score, helping them get ahead in life. ACPRI insurance guarantees that you will receive full compensation for any account. With tuition costs rising to all-time high levels and interest rates on student loans increasing, more American students are seeking higher education financing than ever before. Due to this shift in the demographic of college students, many graduates find themselves unprepared for a job market that requires communication skills and problem-solving abilities over coffee shop acumen (i.e., the ability to make lattes.)

86.2% of the entire college demographic comprises college students who work while enrolled – not just those struggling financially. With student loan debt rapidly rising, the education costs of many young adults are becoming prohibitive. PSALTER 46 offers many debt-removal plans to help young people afford a college degree, and they provide assistance with no further payments or help you pay for school so that you don't get into any more debt. The company offers a free consultation that points you in the right direction, so tomorrow will be better if you sit down with us! Remember, as today's graduates default on their loans more often than previous generations, we're here to help you with our Affordable College Plans and Student Debt Removal Plans. Let us make your college experience sound.

We provide the "Student Debt Removal Plans (SDRP)," a program to help individuals in debt pay off their creditors and become financially free. This plan offers many benefits and privileges and relieves you of financial liability to your creditor. Some benefits include up to $2,000.00 for school cafeteria meals with various cuisines for one year, textbooks cost up to $1,000.00 annually for two years, and free dental checkups and cleanings. This debt relief program has a 24-month wait period until account maturity. At that point, your unresolved debts will be paid out with a DTR of $118,750.00 for a DOC (Debt Outlay Cost) of $10,000.00. Graduates from our program leave school without any financial worries, allowing them to focus on their chosen profession. To invest, click here.

The student debt crisis is mainly caused by students taking on too much debt to attend school. Young people often need to consider how difficult it will be to repay that loan to make wise choices about where they go to school or borrow money. While many would prefer not to be held accountable for their choices, we must all maintain integrity and responsibility, especially regarding our finances. It is foolish to think that any politician can magically make student debt disappear, but at least they are trying!

Students demand that their debt be removed but await an answer when asked who will pay for it. They should accept the responsibility of repaying the debt out of good faith instead of making it someone else's accountability or burden. They need to recognize that the debt must eventually be paid by someone, either taxpayers or those who incur it. If it is the taxpayer, one way to recover money lost in government might be through higher taxes, reducing what workers can spend on their families. Taxpayers are getting tired of bailing everyone out of the mistakes others make at the expense of their families. Helping others always comes at someone else's burden. Therefore, relying too much on politicians to make student debt disappear is not wise. The person who took out a loan, not someone else or the government, has the primary responsibility to pay it back. One can have multiple lenders and owe money to each at once under PSALTER 46.

Americans are burdened by student loan debt more than ever before. Last year, 69.98% of current students had debt loans to attend college. The average graduate's student debt from college is between $29,400.00 and $40,000.00. This amount does not include if a student attended a prestigious school that would reflect a higher liability. 15.6% of parents took out an average of $35,000.00. Americans now owe over $1.7 trillion in student loan debt among 45 million borrowers.

For $300.00, we offer the "Debt Exclusion Plans (DEP)." This purchase package includes a booklet that provides instructions and assistance with applying your funds to the Student Debt Outlays (SDO) and Student Debt Total Returns (SDTR), maximizing the payout of creditors. It also includes a student's healthcare coverage plan, dental care for one year, and return airfare home during summer break. To order, click here.

It is essential to plan for college in advance and avoid making mistakes that could lead to debt or other problems that may make it difficult to pay for school. We are here to help you make informed decisions about your education and career so that they complement each other. Our goal is to help you invest your time, money, and energy in a way that pays off later on down the road.

Many counselors have heavy caseloads, making it difficult for them to advise students about colleges, especially those farther away. As a parent, it is your responsibility to help your child obtain the education they want and deserve. If you must go into debt to afford college, consider other options such as getting a job, taking out loans from family members, or working part-time during school. Government loans, financial lenders, or banks can also help.

We offer unique options such as PSALTER 46 education and debt removal portfolios, unlike any other financial services. Our Company doesn't share the same views as other financial institutions, which make money from people in debt. We offer new ideas to help you improve your finances, make money without debt, and still get a complete education. PSALTER 46 offers affordable IOs and DOs options that allow our clients to pursue their dreams of higher education without incurring student loan debt.

Are you tired of struggling with debt and living paycheck to paycheck? Do you wish for a future where you can return to school or plan for retirement without worrying about finances? Look no further than us, the providers of effective money-management solutions! Unlike the traditional financial system that often keeps people in debt, we offer simple and reliable information to guide you toward economic stability. Seeking expert advice will help you see that our strategist's plan is designed to fit your unique needs. By investing with us, you'll discover innovative ways to handle your finances and investments you never knew existed.

Our focus is on reducing your debt, not interest charges. With our expertly designed systems, you can manage your finances and save money without losing sight of your goals. We don't charge interest because we're not here to make a profit; we aim to help you achieve your goals.

We offer better services to our clients than just helping them get out of debt. We provide benefits and privileges that increase the value of your accounts. Investing with us compound your money, earning more than just interest. The best way to invest is to keep your money where it can grow in value. Keep your money from sitting around in an account not earning you anything. Invest with us and take control of your financial future!

If you want to avoid accumulating debt in the future, consider enrolling in "The Bachelor's Degree Program (BDP)," which supports your higher education. The only requirement for participation in this program is a one-time initial payment of $21,641.79 and a waiting period of 36 months for account maturity. Afterward, the University of your choice will receive $44,531.25 each year for four years, totaling $178,125.00, to complete your bachelor's degree. If you invest early in high school, your average monthly profit will be $2,120.53 over 84 months. The funds will be released to you at the time of admission. A flat 10% fixed return interest rate will be applied yearly to your account if you take over a year to start college following the contract maturity. When you graduate and close your College Opportunity Account, any remaining funds will be rolled into another investment. Click here to invest.

Currently, 42.5% of college students cannot pay a $400 monthly bill on time, which can heavily affect their health, work performance, and relationships. Most Americans try to meet their student loan obligations, but more borrowers fall behind on their payments as balances grow. Student loans now have the highest delinquency rates, with 11.59% being over 90 days past due in the first quarter of 2019. The challenges of repaying student loans are partly due to high-interest rates. However, as more graduates discover private refinancing options, which can lower monthly payments considerably, delinquency rates may plummet. The overwhelming majority of outstanding student loan debt is owed to the federal government, with 19% owed to private financial institutions. Federal loans are typically the first choice for students due to their relatively easy accessibility and reasonable interest rates. In recent years, new competition among private lenders has led to more options and better customer service, including lower interest rates on federal student loans. After graduation, many students find they can get a better deal by refinancing federal loans with private lenders.

As of the end 2017, 11.23% of student loans taken out were 90 days past due. Roughly half of the student debt is held by borrowers who still need to make payments because they are still in school, unemployed, or otherwise exempt. The SDRP program encourages students to avoid debt and maintain good credit scores, ensuring no foreseeable payment burdens after leaving college as they begin their careers. Students should evaluate the SDRP to see if it can benefit them. The Company also offers customized debt removal plans based on non-quoted prices to fit your requirements. The rising cost of education and the increasing demand for a college degree in many professions have led to a burst in student loan debt. PSALTER 46 has revolutionized the system by providing a solution to remove a bothersome or baffling situation.

Insurance coverage from ACPRI is included with your student SDRP account to ensure your debt payment is made on time according to the Contract of Agreement (COA) and Articles of Agreement (AOA) entered into between the parties. The insurance coverage guarantees the risk or liability covered for you, and your debt will be paid in case of an unforeseen occurrence. ACPRI issues this insurance coverage to the insurer to compensate for the deficit.

Do not be burdened with debt like so many other students.The United States National Debt, which comprises several types of public and private loans owed by individuals, accounts for 10.7% of student loan debt—the single most significant factor in the country's overall financial obligations is the financial sum of debt for education is now over $1.7 trillion. In today's college, prices will seem cheap compared to the coming years. They're rising at alarming rates and far faster than inflation. College fees have been steadily climbing. Between 2006 and 2017, the cost of tuition plus room and board for a four-year school (private or public) increased by 10% on average, for the state public schools had recently increased tuition costs. For students attending an in-state public school, the average tuition, fees, and room and board price was over $19,548.00 in 2015. And for out-of-state students at a public school, that cost was more than $34,500.00. For students attending a four (4) year private school, the charge is $ 64,700.00 to $73,450.00 per year.

PSALTER 46  helps you realize your dreams and start a career without crippling financial burdens. We provide debt-free education with benefits to help you meet the requirements to get into a College or University of your choice. If you have unmanageable student loans, we can help. We have programs to pay them off and start you out on your remaining balance in a retirement plan. Talk with one of our Educational Consultants today! You'll feel relieved to find other options for getting a good education without taking on student loans.